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Oct 1, 2012 10:21 PM by Steven Albritton

66 Year Old Woman Sexually Assaulted in Morgan City

A 66 year old woman was asleep in her bedroom when according to police a man pried open the lock on her sliding glass door and entered her home. she woke up to him standing at the foot of her bed holding a knife and wearing a ski mask.

"Further investigation revealed that he forced her to perform sexual acts," Morgan City Assistant Police Chief Glenn Blanco said.

She suffered no injuries and is recovering. Both the family and police would like help from the Morgan City community to find how you assaulted their family member.

"If anybody may have been out and about that time in the morning, or saw somebody walking in the neighborhood that just didn't look right, please give us a call," Blanco said.

Whoever did this fled the scene and cops don't have any leads on his whereabouts. They were able to recover DNA at the scene. It has been sent to the Acadiana Crime Lab for evaluation. Police were also able to lift finger prints at the scene. Those will be cross referenced in the database to see if the attacker is already in the system.


Police describe the suspect as a white male, 5'6" in height, 150-175 pounds, wearing a black ski mask with red stitching around the eye holes, dark pants, possibly blue jeans.








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