Jan 16, 2012 11:51 PM by Maddie Garrett

30 Passengers Left Behind on Allegiant Flight

Dozens of passengers were left behind in Lafayette last Thursday as they were trying to fly Allegiant Air to Las Vegas. The airline confirmed roughly 30 passengers did not make the flight because the ticket counter closed.

"I mean it was almost a state of shock, like, are they really not going to let us on this flight? And we got here 45 minutes in advance, or an hour in advance?" said would-be passenger Roy Meaders.

Meaders was supposed to fly to Las Vegas Thursday for his best friend's bachelor party, but he said after arriving an hour early, the ticket counter closed.

"You have 30 people waiting in line, they spent all this money with you; I mean they had people who spent money through shows they were going to, hotels, car rentals, thousands of dollars and you tell them they can't go."

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Allegiant said if follows a strict policy of closing the ticket counter 45 minutes prior to departure so those employees can then go load passengers on the plane and prepare for departure.

"Once it was sort of realized how many people were being left behind at the ticket counter, our managers were made aware and tried to hold the plane to allow those passengers to get on the plane. Unfortunately they were unable to contact the flight crew and keep that plane on the ground," said Allegiant Spokesperson Jessica Wheeler.

Wheeler also said Allegiant tells its passengers to arrive two hours early when they purchase their tickets, to allow plenty of time for everyone to get checked in.

But Meaders said even though he received a refund, it doesn't make up for what he missed that weekend.

"They gave me money back and they gave me a free flight, but that doesn't change the fact that I didn't get to go to my best friend's bachelor party in Vegas. I mean money can't buy that," he said.

Allegiant said it did refund everyone's money who was left behind and also gave them vouchers for any round trip flight.



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