Jan 21, 2010 7:46 PM by Jim Hummel

3D Technology; Not Just for the Silver Screen

More than one month after opening in theaters, James Cameron’s hit movie Avatar remains on top at the box office.  It’s even surpassed Star Wars as the third most lucrative film of all time.

All of the hype surrounding the film may have something to do with advanced 3-D technology and special effects that could be the wave of the future and not just for the movie industry.

“I guarantee the technologies behind it and the concept of a new way to entertain people are going to stick around,” said Henry Florsheim, CEO of Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise, or LITE.

Florsheim says Avatar may have been the gateway for more 3-D projects, and not just on the silver screen.  At LITE, researchers are working on the implementation of 3-D technologies in other industries.

“Imagine being able to pick your own perspective, and analyze the data and learn more about it, well, those are the sorts of things we're developing here at LITE,” Florsheim said.

Some of those projects at LITE include using 3-D technology in the analysis of medical and architectural data.  On the architectural side, clients are able to go beyond blueprints for potential projects, and actually walk through them in a six-sided, immersive 3-D environment.

So while the 3-D experience in Avatar took moviegoers to a different world, the technology involved has real world implications, some being developed right here in Lafayette.  


Jim Hummel



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