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Oct 26, 2012 11:15 PM by Steven Albritton

3 Candidates Up for Vacant St. Landry Parish School Board Seat

The seat left vacant by former St. Landry Parish School Board member Scott Richard, is up for grabs on November 6th. The three vying for the job are Armand Castille, Jarvis Claiborne and Randy Wagley. Armand Castille, who once served on the school board thinks his experience can help return the parish back to a financial surplus the way it was when he left.

"We were in the top third of the parishes within the state. We had a $21 million dollar surplus, now the system is about bankrupt," Castille said.

Jarvis Claiborne is campaigning on the premise that education starts at home and parents are the key to their child's success. The third candidate is Randy Wagley. He has spent the last few days going door to door informing the community about his platform.

"I'm the only one of the three candidates who actually has children in the public school right now. So I have a vested interest. I've been a volunteer youth coach for 29 years, I think that shows my interest and concern for the children," Wagley said.

The candidates know that they are running for a position in a time where there are many unknowns; including the status of two school members indicted Thursday on bribery charges. Quincy Richard and John Miller are accused of trying to extort $5000 each from Interim Superintendent Joseph Cassimere in exchange for their votes for him to become the next superintendent.

"It's really, I don't know if tragic is the right word, it's really a disheartening thing that that goes on in this day in age," Wagley said.

"It looks like in a way it's another black eye to the system; but if these guys are guilty, then I think it's probably a step forward that they are caught," Castille said.



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