Feb 6, 2013 8:18 PM by Alex Labat

2013 State of the Parish

The tenth annual "State of the Parish" was all about one thing. Momentum.

City-Parish President Joey Durel addressed the crowd at the Cajundome Convention Center saying, "I'm not going to bore you with a lot of details that will bore you or put you to sleep. What I will try to explain is a question that people still ask. Why we don't have enough money even if we have more people?"

The reasoning for lack of funds?
Voters turning down taxes which would have been used to improve things like streets and drainage.

Durel says, "When you take from Peter to give to Paul, there are consequences."

Fixing consolidation, adopting an annexation map, and fixing the relationship with Broussard are what Durel calls fixing "Momentum Stoppers".
His focus is keeping the momentum going.

"We know that all economies are cyclical, if we take advantage of the momentum going for us today we might be able to avoid a low point later in the future. Maybe we can do something to soften that low point later in the future", says Durel.

Durel says if every town, including Lafayette, annexed an area around them, it would reduce the need for more taxes and would allow towns to spend money investing in areas more wisely. He says annexation is the key to fixing the relationship with the city of Broussard.

"I am begging the leadership of Broussard to drop their annexation lawsuit against Lafayette. If they do, all services will be restored", says Durel.



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