Jun 9, 2010 7:25 PM by Melissa Hawkes

2010 Sex Crime Conference

Sex crimes have always been difficult cases for investigators to solve, but officials in Acadiana are making sure they deal with those cases in the best way possible.


Renee Louviere, Assistant  District Attorney for the 16the Judicial District Court, said there's an increase in the number of cases because more people are reporting them.


Law enforcement from St. Martin, St. Mary and Iberia parish are all coming together to collaborate and get on the same page about the best way to deal with sex crimes.


Jeanerette Police Chief, Larry Jones said, "we are finding ourselves dealing with more predators--more sex crimes, and to stay on top of things we have to be aware of certain changes and laws."


Investigators are reaching across parish lines to compare notes at the 2010 sex crime conference in New Iberia.


Louviere said, "these cases as a whole tend to be our most difficult to prosecute, they deal with our most vulnerable victims and our youngest victims for the most part."


Chief Jones has worked on crimes dealing with sexual predators for more than 25 years and says there’s always something new to learn.


"Louisiana has a DNA sexual registry, where if you collect DNA evidence you can send it to the state and put it in the database,” he said. “Then you can maybe get a match and that's something I didn't even know myself."


One of the speakers, Maureen Brennan, dedicates one-third of her psychology practice to working with perpetrators and says they can be helped.


"There are some that we can't treat but there are many that we can and they respond very well,” Brennan said.


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