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Oct 23, 2012 11:16 PM by Steven Albritton

20 Year Comprehensive Plan Presented in Breaux Bridge

The 20 year Comprehensive Plan for Breaux Bridge was presented at City Hall Tuesday night. The plan will hopefully cut down on traffic congestion while also opening up more land for development. It is still early in the process, but this meeting was the first chance for the public to see what could be coming their way.

"The three primary components of this plan is looking at a street plan or transportation plan for the future, looking at the land use and community character for the future, and a beautification plan," Bret Keast said.

Keast was part of the group who put this entire plan together.

Controlling traffic congestion is a big part of the plan. Mayor Jack Delhomme estimates 75 to 80 percent of Breaux Bridge residents commute elsewhere for work. He feels alleviating congestion will help provide a better experience.

"It's a good plan. I think it's good for the future. And once the financing is in, I think you can move forward on that," Mayor Delhomme said.

Delhomme stresses, with the rapid growth breaux bridge is having, it's important to look to the future.

"I may not be around at that time, but if you can put something into effect, have a comprehensive plan; then your future elected officials, or schools, or community. They can go ahead and study this plan and move forward with it."

The comprehensive plan can be found at the Breaux Bridge city website and will also be on display in the city library. A public hearing for residents to voice their concerns is currently in the works.



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