Mar 6, 2014 12:32 PM by KATC

2 accused of operating meth lab in Scott

Scott Police say they discovered a meth lab after noticing the suspect's suspicious driving.

According to Chief Chad Leger, Wednesday night, Scott Police officers observed a car driving evasively; the vehicle would slow down and then speed up repeatedly. Leger said officers followed the vehicle and observed a man jump out of it as it pulled into the driveway on Rice Circle in Scott. Police stopped and began to question the suspect, Randy Ward, stated Leger. Officers say the driver of the car, Amanda Olivier, allegedly told police that she was not driving the vehicle.

Officers contacted the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Communication Division to check both subjects for active warrants, according to Leger. Police say Olivier had an active warrant out of Lafayette and was placed under arrest. Officers requested to search the vehicle, but Olivier denied the request, according to Chief Leger.

Officers requested a K9 unit to do a perimeter search of the vehicle, stated Leger. Police say while waiting for the K9 to arrive on scene, Ward became agitated with officers and was detained in a police unit. Leger said the K9 alerted officers of several points on the suspect's car.

Officers then began to search the vehicle and found an alleged meth lab in the trunk, according to Leger. Officers on the scene called Scott Fire Department and HazMat for back-up assistance.

The Scott Fire Department confirmed the content found in the trunk was indeed a lab to manufacture methamphetamine, according to police. Officers also located syringes, marijuana and a pipe.

Olivier and Ward were transported to Lafayette Parish Correctional Center. Leger said deputies found meth and Xanax hidden in Ward's sock.




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