Jun 23, 2012 7:34 PM by Steven Albritton

1st Ever Equality March for LGBT in Baton Rouge

The first ever Equality March in the state of Louisiana took place today in Baton Rouge. More than 300 people showed up at North Boulevard and 4th Street to make the half mile walk to the Capitol Building.

"Our goal is simply to raise awareness that the LGBT community is not invisible. We won't be spoken for, we can speak for ourselves. We're no longer going to be invisible and have our lives legislated by other people who don't know us," Capital City Alliance Board Chair Elaine Maccio said.

When the crowd reached the steps of the Capitol, they cheered and were able to hear from many different speakers that helped empower and push the movement forward.

"If you love, love hard. If you fail at that love, guess what? Do it again. The same hurt that I have if a guy leaves my life, is the same hurt that you're going to have. There is no difference," Vice Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party Arlanda Williams said in her speech.

The bottom line for the day is that people want equality. They want protection in jobs so they can't be fired because they are gay; and they alse want to push legislation to legalize gay marriage here in the state of Louisiana.

"I think it's really important to understand that Louisiana's, and especially Acadiana's, LGBT citizens are full citizens. We pay taxes and participate in our communities like everyone else," Robert J. Wilson of Opelousas said.  


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