Nov 11, 2011 6:33 PM by Melissa Hawkes

11-11-11 Brings High Hopes

Today's date, 11-11-11, is one that only happens once a century. Many believe it's a day of good luck and some made it a point to have landmark-life changing events happen on this day.

Lilly Faulk and Mike Frederick first fell in love in their teens.

"I was a freshman in high school when we met ," Faulk said. "I thought he would have been it- we were in love and everything was going good, but he decided he had to move on because there was an age difference."

The two went their separate ways for forty five years, but fate brought them back together.

"It's always been a dream for me, even though I went on with my life," Faulk said. "It's always been a dream, but I never thought this day would come."

Frederick said 11-11-11 is a good day for him because he'll never forget their anniversary,.

It's not just wedding bells that are ringing, some mothers made sure they brought their babies were brought into the world on this day.

Mother Claire Doucet said " it's 11-11-11 and not many people have that birthday."

Doucet scheduled her C-section for Friday morning. The proud parents are hoping their nine and half pound baby boy, Jeremiah, will be their good luck charm.

Father Calehm Thibodeaux, said "it's better this tone because I always wanted a boy."

Doucet added, "I'm happy I'm a mom again, I'm just ready to hold him."



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