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KATC and Our Lady of Lourdes have partnered together to help Acadiana be a healthy community. The purpose of Living Right is to educate our community on pertinent health topics, with a focus on prevention.

You can expect to see Our Lady of Lourdes physicians on Good Morning Acadiana every fourth Monday of the month. They will provide you with information and health tips regarding relevant health topics, such as hydration, heat illnesses, and flu prevention. Medical staff from Our Lady of Lourdes will be available to answer your health questions once a quarter on KATC's helpline or you can submit your questions anytime at our Submit Your Health Question Form.

Other ways we are committed to providing you educational information is through our physician videos. Browse through our categories below and you'll find helpful tips to live right!

Throughout the year we will also have opportunities for health screenings and host our annual Health Expo. Be on the lookout for our next expo date in early 2015, it will be a great way to bring in a healthy, new year!

KATC and Our Lady of Lourdes know that it's not only important to live healthy, but to eat healthy too. Every Monday through Wednesday during GMA, we will post our healthy menu item of the day. The recipes will be posted weekly HERE as well.

Follow our advice Acadiana, and you'll be living right!


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